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You’re probably here because today is the day we not only announced the first 10 short films accepted to the F3, but also unveiled the 2013 festival website. So, if that’s the case: Welcome!

This blog area of the website is new and is available not only on the website but at it’s own address:

Unlike previous years, we opted this year to release the F3 selections in blocks so that attendees can better research the films they might want to see before the festival begins. In years past we dumped them all on the site at the same time and that gave everyone very little time to really look over and plan their visit accordingly. This way they can have a look at a few at a time rather than having to do all 75+films all at once…which can get pretty overwhelming.

Where appropriate we provide trailers, info, official websites, photos. We’re proud of the films we select and want to provide them with all the support we can.

So have a look at these first 10 shorts. They’re from all over the world, different genres, live action, animated, and they’re all very interesting and worthwhile. Enjoy looking them over:

Luminaris (Argentina) – A film festival favorite all over the world. In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

Bollocks (UK) - US Premiere - Bob is a loser with bad luck and works in a dead end office job. When his boss sends him out on a coffee run, chaos ensues.

Devils, Angels, and Dating (US) – While Devil, Death and Cupid set about their daily tasks of masterminding our love lives here on Earth, they find themselves in the midst of an afterlife love triangle.

El Rastrillo Se Quiere Comprometer (Rake’s Commitment) (Spain) – US Premiere – The story is a parable, with a lighthearted and humorous tone, about social commitment and love. The Rake, an unusual and memorable character, needs to find something in life to commit to.

Nullarbor (Australia) – An animated road-movie set across the vast and barren landscape of Australia’s Nullarbor Plain.

Il Lucchetto (The Padlock)(Italy) - When you think you found the perfect lover, your partner forever, when you seal your love to the universe, what’s next?

Love at First Sight (UK/Spain) – A young man arrives at his new apartment in a new town. His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful neighbor on the balcony opposite his new room. He tries desperately to be noticed yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his infatuation. He is not giving up though and he has one more idea to try and catch her attention. A gentle film of hope and optimism.

Miruna (Poland) - US Premiere – After an argument with her lover, a young woman recklessly gets into the parked car of a mysterious stranger. Their brief encounter will lead to mutual attraction, insight and fatal accomplishment, during a journey to the end of the night. Through a maze of colorful flashbacks, intricately related to the main characters painful past, the destiny of the young woman is inevitably connected to that of an imaginary fish.

Ashes (US) – World Premiere – Plagued by a flock of monstrous ravens, a little girl gets captured and thrown into a dark house. With the aid of a small bird named Echo, the girl must battle her way out of the house to get back to the surface above.

Eddie Kirkland: Born With It (US) – World Premiere – Eddie Kirkland was a blues guitarist, singer and harmonica player who toured many years with guitarist John Lee Hooker. He was also a bandleader for Otis Redding and performed with artists including Little Richard, Ben King and Ruth Brown.

All 10 of the films (and all future accepted films) are available on one page at the festival Film Guide.

We’ll be releasing more blocks of films, as well as listing events leading up to and including the F3, so sign up for notifications, follow us wherever you hang your social media hat, and thanks for coming along for the ride.

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