The 2017 Selections for the Frederick Film & Music Festival…FINALLY!


After a bit of a delay due to getting 171 submissions on the final deadline day (we usually get TWO!) we are extraordinarily happy to give you the names of the 2017 Frederick Film & Music Festival selections in the FEATURE LENGTH and SHORT FILMS categories:


Feature Films

Barbecue (Australia)

Late Blossom Blues (Germany)

LUTAH – A Passion for Architecture: A Life in Design (US)

Meadow Bridge (US)

Samuel Barber: Absolute Beauty (US)

The Night Watchmen (US)

The Rainbow Kid (Canada)


 Short Films

#selfie (Germany)

A Whole World for a Little World (france)

Absorbed (Greece)

Ad Astra (France)

All Might Become True (Norway)

Alles Wir Gut (Everything Will Be OK)(Austria)

Awkward (Canada)

Backstory (Germany)

Blink (France)

Born of Stone (Italy/Czech Republic)

Cab Elvis (US)

Castcom Cable (US)

Cold Ice, Warm Heart (Finland)

Cold Storage (Finland)

Commodity City (US/China)

Der Block (Switzerland/Kyrgyzstan)

Die Bürgschaft (Germany)

Die Überstellung (The Transfer) (Germany)

Drum Roles (India)

Dyab (Iraq)

Eñvor (France)

Everything Between (US)

Fade (US)

Family Rewritten (US)

Fomo Sapiens (Sweden)

Ghosts on the Wall (Switzerland)

Happy Without Money (Germany)

Last Call Lenny (US)

Light Sight (Iran)

Magic Cobra Tattoo (Argentina)

Metube 2–August sings Carmina Burana (Austria)

Minou (France)

Pittari (US)

Pleased to Meet You! (France)

Poilus (France)

Preston (France)

Pursuing Irenice (Brazil)

Rolls and Shutters (Scotland)

Rule of Nature (Namibia)

Running on Empty (US)

Sea of Memories (Peru)

Shades of Gray (Russia)

Sirocco (France)

Stuck (US)

Superheroes (Germany)

Swipe Right (US)

Teaching Peace (US)

The Fear of Trump’s America (US)

The Guy Came on Horseback (Iran)

The Inuring (UK)

The Recursion Theorem (US)

The Return of Erkin (Russia)

Unleavened Bread (France)

We will, of course, have more to say and highlight about these films in the coming days leading up to the festival on June 23-25, but right now we’re tired and bleary-eyed from watching so many great films and we need to go to bed!

Congrats to those selected and thanks to all the talented filmmakers that submitted to this season’s edition of our festival. We appreciated each and every film you shared with us!


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