The Bonus Five

2015.F3.WonBWhile the official announcement date was back in May, after we had selected all those films one of our venues offered us a little more time and space! So, we got to go back to the list and pick the next five that we had previously had to reject. With more than 1300 submissions this year there was enough film to do two or three more whole festivals of high quality film.

We, of course, don’t have 2 more festivals, but we did have room for FIVE more films. So here they are…the Bonus Five 2015 F3 Selections:

Feature Film: 


Searching For Nepal - Phil Deutschle, Robyn Hutman – 2014 (Feature Film) (US): Searching For Nepal chronicles the emotional and cultural journey of a former Peace Corps Volunteer as he returns to Nepal, seeking out his adopted family in the aftermath of Nepal’s Maoist civil war. Filmed entirely on location, this exotic, soul-searching adventure explores the universal yearning to go home again—in a unique setting.

Short Films:

The Match – Kurt Spenrath – 2014 (Canada): The Match follows two performers in a struggling independent wrestling promotion, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance. It explores the impact that their vocation has on their personal lives, and the psychology behind why audiences are drawn to this pseudo-blood sport. The characters are iconic, yet real: Nizar Watfa aka. Sheikh Abdul Shibaz, is a Muslim immigrant that wants to integrate. He’s from the small town of Lamont, Alberta , famous for its Ukrainian heritage. And then there’s Dustin Meyer, aka. Hollywood Dustin Adonis. He’s a rural redneck from Eston, Saskatchewan, that wants to cut loose. And they are going to fight for the championship belt.


The Healing Song – Deborah Libby – 2014 (US): Everything in the universe moves, resonates, and vibrates at its own frequency, which generates sound. Sound has the power to influence our physical and emotional state like no other source of expression. Marian Kraus’ gong sound healing work has helped others transform their lives, including profiled student Toni Morales who has overcome her decades-long eating disorder while attending regular sound healing sessions. The Healing Song leads viewers through a viscerally affecting performance facilitated by Kraus, profiling Chinese gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, and percussive instruments which guide students through a powerful healing experience for mind and body.

Tony Windberg. A Painter in the Woods - Thomas Schumacher – 2014 (Germany/Australia):  In the midst of a vast Eucalyptus forest that lies deep in the heart of the great southern region of Western Australia, sits a cottage filled with test tubes, material samples, drafts, notes, indexed color samples and canvasses reflecting their surroundings: the trees. Simply calling Tony Windberg a Landscape Artist falls short of the true essence of his work. Charcoals of burnt trees, the bark and resin of various Eucalyptus trees and the soil in which they grow and die are all transformed into materials for his works of art in long, well documented procesess of experimentation. Windberg’s vast application of styles and multi-award winning artwork is displayed widely across numerous corporate, public and private collections within Australia. He lives and works in Northcliffe, Western Australia


Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition - Christoph von Toggenburg – 2013 (Switzerland): Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition tells the story of an epic solo expedition across the Himalaya that changed the life of hundreds of people in need and reached millions around the world. In 2010, Christoph von Toggenburg cycled alone 3200km along the world’s highest tracks pulling a 30kg trailer packed with survival gear in support of leprosy patients and mentally destitute women in India. With little air to breathe and temperatures between minus 15 to plus 45 degrees Celcius he crossed mountain passes higher than 5500m mastering a total of 50’000m. Crossing Nepal during the Maoist unrests, conflict stricken Kashmir, he encountered wonderful hospitality, found new friends, and saw some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes of this planet.

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