OpeningNightThe clock is most definitely moving towards Friday…Opening Day of the Frederick Film Festival. While the festival has certainly been real for those of us on the committee for quite some time now, there’s something about the 96 or so hours before the festival kicks off that makes it…you know…REAL. Tingling excitement, sweaty palms, chest pains kind of REAL.

Even more real this year because of the orders of magnitude increase in submissions. With over 900 films submitted for consideration to this year’s festival, we have been neck deep in movies for quite a while now. We think the films that we have selected are top notch and represent some of the most interesting filmmaking going on out there. The selection process was difficult…there were plenty of films we would have loved to select but simply didn’t have the programming space. Many many times the subject was broached to have another festival…a topic usually squelched by a new onset of chest pains and the excitement those bring on.

Suffice it to say, with Friday looming, we’re excited.

Opening day is usually the most exciting day for us. Saturday is WORK…Sunday is lower-key and winding down…it’s almost relaxing. Friday is the last minute build up…hoping we haven’t forgotten anything…making sure everything is in place. It’s a day and evening filled with anticipation because there’s some feeling (totally without empirical evidence) that if the first 9 hours of the festival go ok, the REST of the festival will be smooth sailing.

Honestly, sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps us going.

But what is particularly nice about Opening Night is the Opening Night Afterparty at imageBrewer’s Alley. This year, following the showing of PING PONG SUMMER, the new film from Frederick’s own Michael Tully, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the Afterparty will get underway upstairs at Brewer’s Alley. The event features food, drink, and live music, this year from Secondhand Ramblers. Your Festival pass gets you in! It’s all you need!

The event is a great opportunity to meet other film enthusiasts, film professionals, and the people involved with putting the Frederick Film Festival together. It’s a time to reflect on the day’s films and anticipate the coming films for the rest of the weekend. And it’s a perfect time to enjoy some good food and some good beverages. Indeed, it’s the best time for that!

TixStripSo pick up your tickets for the festival at the Weinberg Center for the Frederick Film Festival and kick back and enjoy 3 days of world class film, film guests, and fun activities. Tickets are on sale now at the Weinberg Center’s Webpage.

Don’t Miss It!


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