The 2014 Frederick Film Festival is Coming!


This is the Inaugural Post for the 2014 Frederick Film Festival’s blog, Inside the F3.

Copy of logo mockup_03To say that we are neck deep in the logistics for the fest would be to engage in gross understatement. All aspects of the F3 are underway and all moving, it seems, at the same time in the same space!

All your favorite aspects of the five previous festivals are underway…the F3 Soundtrack events, the Opening Night Afterparty, the Kickoff Event, the guests, and even some things we’re trying out new this year.

We’ve already announced a few of the early selection at, but tomorrow we’ll start announcing some of the F3 Soundtrack performances.

As you likely know, at the F3, music is as important as the films. This is something we have covered in this blog before. This post covered the history of the F3 Sountrack, and this post covered the musical acts for 2013.

Have a look at some of the top notch musical entertainment we’ve had over the last few years and get yourself ready for what’s coming this year! The announcements…and other film announcements…are coming soon!







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