The Best Entertainment Deal in Frederick History: The F3 Weekend Pass


Ok…I’m going to save you some time reading this post and just say NOW that if you don’t have your F3 Weekend Pass, go HERE and get it now. Then you don’t need to read any further. If you need further convincing…or just like to read…carry on.

Ok…what is self-promotion without a healthy helping of hyperbole? It’s just in the nature of proclaiming how great your events are.

EXCEPT in this case. We here at the F3 honestly believe that pound-for-pound, you will NOT find a better entertainment value in Frederick…EVER…than the Frederick Film Festival Weekend Pass.

Let me repeat that: EVER

We’re not the type of folk who just toss something like that out there without anything to back it up. So, we’re going to take a little bit of time to go over what exactly the F3 Weekend pass gets YOU, the intelligent, price-savvy, F3 Weekend Pass purchaser.

1. F3 Eve

new-vhs2-one-sheetWe don’t always have an F3 Eve at the Frederick Film Festival. Only when it’s justified. It’s generally designed to be something of a treat for folks in town early for the festival or folks who live in town. Previous years’ F3 Eve events have included a concert by, and documentary about, Frederick’s own The Skeptics back in 2010 or a screening of the cult favorite Heavy Metal Parking Lot and concert afterwards in 2011. It’s a fun little bonus event that takes place just before all the REAL work begins for the festival.

This year, we have a special F3 Eve event on Thursday night, June 27. A pre-theatrical screening of the anthology horror film V/H/S/2 hosted by one of the film’s directors, Frederick’s own Eduardo Sanchez. Other cast and crew members will also be on hand for some q&a afterward and it promises to be a great night. Now…the difference between this F3 Eve and previous F3 Eves is that we are limited by the film’s distributor to only 200 seats. That’s it. 200. Weekend pass holders must call the box office in advance and request their free ticket. Anyone not purchasing a Weekend Pass (though, really, why would you not?) can still get a ticket while they last for $10.

2. Friday Movies/Opening Night/Afterparty

Ok, the cost of the F3 Weekend Pass SHOULD just cover Friday. Here’s why: The F3 Weekend pass gets you access all day on Friday, June 28 starting at 2pm. Afternoon films include guests as well, includledzeppelin-poster-for-Frederickwo-texting John Putch who will be on hand to answer questions about his film Route 30, Too!

Then there are the opening night festivities, with guests from the movie Led Zeppelin Played Here including director Jeff Krulik!

THEN, after all THAT, there’s the F3 Opening Night Afterparty upstairs imageat Brewer’s Alley. Mix with filmmakers, film fans, cast, crew, eat some great food, have some great beverages, all to the beat of the music from Hard Swimmin’ Fish!

3. Saturday Films/Klezmatics Concert

FirstFourFeaturesOk, the gold mine day. Saturday. Scads of films and filmmakers in two different venues. We’ve got things starting at 10am at the Weinberg and the Delaplaine. klez-posterMultiple guests at both locations. US premieres!

Then, that evening, we screen the documentary The Klezmatics: On Holy Ground (with director Erik Anjou in attendance) followed by a concert by the Klezmatics themselves. The Grammy-winning act, live on the F3 stage at the Weinberg.

klezmatics20091That’s like 20 hours of entertainment over two venues, a world-class concert, and a bunch of US premiere movies…again, worth MUCH more than the F3 Weekend Pass should be allowed to cost.

4. Sunday films/Americana music with Hugh & Zane Campbell

postcard_new_glorious_deserter_april_2012After all the excitement of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, we’re toning it down a bit for Sunday. All films and events Sunday will be in the intimate confines of the Pavilion at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center. media_httpwwwamerican_zEsoz.jpg.scaled600

Films on Sunday include not only US Premieres, but also a documentary entitled New River: A Family Musical History Tour and tells the story of Americana music families the Brooks and the Campbells. Filmmaker Tom Sims will be on hand for this screening and, following the film, yet ANOTHER musical event HughZaneCampbellwhen the latest in the long line of musicians in these family, Hugh and Zane Campbell, will perform and talk about their family and their music.

A great way to wrap up a great festival.

So, to recap, the 2013 F3 Weekend Pass gets you access to:

  • F3 Eve on Thursday Night
  • Friday Afternoon films and guests
  • Friday Opening Night feature and guests
  • Friday Opening Night AFTERPARTY
  • Saturday films starting at 10am at both the Delaplaine and the Weinberg
  • Saturday night special film event with director Erik Anjou
  • Saturday night concert with the Grammy-winning KLEZMATICS
  • Sunday films all day
  • Sunday special film screening of New River with Tom Sims
  • Sunday afternoon performance of Hugh and Zane Campbell

FOUR days of entertainment, 3 musical acts, an afterparty with food and drink, 56 films, and the opportunity to meet scads of guests.


NO…wait…I left something out…all for only $30.00!!

I know, right? The second price seems crazier than the first! That’s what we meant by the BEST ENTERTAINMENT DEAL IN FREDERICK HISTORY. No hype! We weren’t just whistling Dixie on that, we meant it! If you can find anything that even comes close to that, you need to drop us a line and tell us what it is and we’ll go there some other weekend because the weekend of the 28th-30th we’re at the Frederick Film Festival…and if you’re not…you’re just missing it.

TixStripSeriously…buy your tickets…some things are going to fill up…you don’t want to be that guy do you? For the rest of your life, you’ll be the person who didn’t get F3 Weekend Passes in 2013. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Metalic logoSo go HERE and get your tickets NOW. Or call the Weinberg box office at 301.600.2828 and order by phone. OR, drop by there and get them in person sometime before the fest starts. You’ll be glad you did.


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