Frederick Film Fest Soundtrack – 2013

422317_451297488244209_1600689666_nWith just a couple of days left before the first real F3 2013 Soundtrack performance at the Monocacy Brewing Company on Saturday, June 15 during the F3 Kickoff Event, we thought we’d take this opportunity to go over, once again, the musical performances we’ll be having this year.

As noted in a previous post on this blog, music has long been an important component to  the F3. Indeed, the organizers feel that, like the musical soundtrack is an integral part of almost any film, the musical performances we undertake here are similarly integral. Or, put a little less pretentiously…we like music.

Ted_StudioB_MediumThis year has been no exception to our programming music. As noted before, and pretty much all week if you’ve been reading the blog/FB page/or following us on Twitter, we’ve started off the whole festival season with a Soundtrack Kickoff party at the Monocacy Brewing Company. This event has traditionally been our big music event in previous years and this year is certainly no different with the inclusion this time of regional favorite Ted Garber.

This event takes place on June 15, from 4pm to 8pm, and includes not only Ted’s music, but some short films, great food from Brewer’s Alley, and MBC’s own beer. All included in your ticket price. Tickets on sale at:

But then we get to the festival weekend proper. June 28-30!

HSF_Mic_LogoOur next musical act shows up at our Opening Night Afterparty at Brewer’s Alley on Friday, June 28. After a music-themed Opening Night film (the documentary Led Zeppelin Played Here) we all head right up the street to the upper floor of Brewer’s Alley for an afterparty that provides not only the opportunity to meet and talk with filmmakers and other film professionals surrounded by Brewer’s Alley food and drink, but also the opportunity to hear the musical stylings of Hard Swimmin’ Fish as they will be the musical entertainment for the evening.

klezmatics20091Saturday, June 29 at the Frederick Film Festival is another big music day with the evening closing not only with a documentary about the Gramming-winning band, but a live performance from the Kelzmatics themselves! The evening will be a big one for the Frederick Film Festival community as having the chance to play host to such a nationally renown act like the Klezmatics is a huge deal for us. Your festival pass gets you into the event (along with all the films that day) so if you already know how great they are, you can catch a ton of great films before the show. If you DON’T know how great they are, you get the concert as a bonus after catching a ton of great films before the show! It’s a win-win!

HughZaneCampbellThe last act…the final reel if you will…of the 2013 Frederick Film Festival will be another movie/music combination on Sunday, June 30. The film, New River: A Family Musical History Tour, tells the storied history of the Campbell and Brooks families, true trailblazers in the world of early 20th century Americana music and a family that includes such luminaries as Ola Belle Reed and Guy Brooks of The Red Fox Chasers. The film is followed by a concert from Hugh and Zane Campbell, Ola Belle’s nephews and Americana artists in their own right. It will be fine Sunday afternoon’s worth of great roots music.

And what’s the kicker about these concerts? What’s the kicker about the whole festival? Well, aside from the pre-event on June 15, ANYTHING that goes on during the actual festival weekend…the F3 Eve event on Thursday…the films and Afterparty on Friday…the films and Klezmatics concert on Saturday…and the films and Americana concert on Sunday…ALL of those events can be covered with a single $30 pass…the F3 2013 Weekend Pass encompasses all four days of quality entertainment.

There may be a better entertainment deal in Frederick…this year…but I doubt it. I really…seriously…doubt it.

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