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So…after a minor delay due to some nefarious blog hacking on the part of our arch nemesis (or, more likely, some spambot on the internet since I don’t believe we have yet managed to get ourselves an arch nemesis), we are now announcing the Next Ten Short Films selected to the 2013 Frederick Film Festival.

We have of course mentioned numerous times how fortunate we were to be nearly flooded with films this year…many more than previous years. While we love that, it does make the selection process much much harder. So, while we got more films…earlier…we do have the feeling that we’re going to be going down to the wire before we get everything selected.

That said, with 10 shorts and 6 feature films already selected, we’re well underway. And now…here are TEN more!

Seraph (US) – Animated. Seraph is an animated short film about a boy’s religious upbringing and how it damages his later life. Music by Sigur Ros. Directed by Dash Shaw.

Checkpoint (France) – A young Palestinian boy living in the Gaza strip accompanies his father on monthly visits to the ruins of a destroyed village. Though he doesn’t understand his father’s ritual, he feels he has a duty to help him. Directed by Ruben Amar.

Dessine moi un Bouton (France) – Eliot is eight years old and can not sleep. His Teddy in hand, he walks into a whimsical and mysterious city where strange grown-ups will offer such sweet dreams. But these days, everything has a price, even the sandman and nocturnal merchants… But do not forget that innocence has no price. Directed by Gary Lebel.

Gamba Trista (Loser Leg) (Italy) – Giovanni is a kid called Loser Leg due to his soft legs. Due to his disability, he is tied everywhere by his bullish classmate. Despite all, he manage to take life with irony. He is secretly in love with a cute little girl Rose. Unfortunately she runs away terrified every time she see him tied somewhere. Directed by Francesco Filippi. 

Mi Ojo Derecho (Apple of my Eye) (Spain) – Zurdo maintained a special relationship with his grandmother. Since he went away to study they have lost contact. On the last day of summer Zurdo decides to visit her with the intuition that he might not see her again. Directed by Josecho De Linares.

Nadine (US) – The story of a clairvoyant, found object, and one man’s tale of his 1947 Knucklehead. Directed by Keith Chester.

Songs in Oblivion (India) - The film centers on a radical man who treasured human beings but is shadowed beneath the incarnation of Lard Krishna. The move also speaks of the Kirtan song with was initiated by him. Directed by Samrat Chakraborty.

The Hunter (Russia/Armenia) - Deep in the country, in a small and forgotten village lives Nelson, the drunkard and the war hero…forgotten by his king and country. His family–wife and infant son–only wish for a cow…the “wet nurse” they call it. The story beings at the death of the cow…torn to pieces by a hungry she-wolf mother, because all the game has been exterminated by humans. Nelson is forced to exchange his war medals for three bullets by his cheapskate of a brother…his brother that lives lavishly on human sorrow. He makes the hunter an offer: three wolf skins and a deer in exchange for a new cow. Trapped, Nelson, now the Hunter, with his gun and his rage, makes for the forest while the wolf he seeks, seeks for someone’s death as her own consolation. Directed by Ara Arush.

The Puritans (US) - A short suspense drama that revolves around a soldier who returns home from Afghanistan to discover his family has eerily returned to a late-nineteenth century life-style in a desperate attempt to escape from the “perversions” of the modern world. Directed by Sean Robinson.

X (UK) – An experimental animation piece described by its creator as: Kinetic Energetic Otherworld. Directed by Max Hattler.

Congrats to all the filmmakers whose films were selected.

Take some time and investigate these films on our website in the Film Guide section. Make a list of those you want to see to make sure you don’t miss them when the festival actually starts!

There will still be another announcement of a group of shorts no later than May 3. We will also be announcing our remaining features by that time. In addition we will be announcing our opening night feature later this week or early next…so keep an eye on this  blog or our Facebook page:






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