Opening Night! Happy Hour, Short Films, Afterparty, and LED ZEPPELIN

(Ok…a MOVIE about Led Zeppelin.)

Metalic logoThere’s no night like Opening Night! That’s generally true no matter where you go and no matter what you do so it’s no less true or surprising that the Frederick Film Festival would ascribe to that. So we do everything we can to make the time special for all the attendees.

Opening Night starts in the early evening on Friday, June 28. While Festival films start at the Weinberg Center at 2:00 on Friday, at around 5:30 the theater will go dark and allow folks to head out and get some dinner.

At 7:00pm, the theater reopens for ticket holders to attend an Opening Night Intro Party. The Intro Party will give patrons a chance to meet the filmmakers, some of the principles, some of the people involved in organizing the F3, as well as just mingling with other Festival goers. Have some light snacks, get a drink from the cash bar, take some photos, see some of the short films going on in the theater if you need to get off your feet.

ledzeppelin-poster-for-Frederickwo-textAt 8:00pm the festivities begin with an introduction of the evening’s film, Led Zeppelin Played Here, from director Jeff Krulik (the director of the cult phenomenon film Heavy Metal Parking Lot). The film examines the January 1969 Led Zeppelin concert that took place at the Wheaton Youth Center in Wheaton, Maryland…or did it? The film focuses on the Washington area music scene during the late 60s/early 70s and considers whether a concert like this could have happened. If it did happen, why are there no posters, tickets, or photos? But if it didn’t, why are there so many people who say they were there?

It is a fond examination of an era where it was not uncommon for a big name act to play a small time gymnasium (or, as mentioned in the film, where Ted Nugent could play the cafeteria of Thomson Johnson High School right here in Frederick) and it’s an informative examination of an influential music scene that no longer exists at that level.

imageThe director and crew will have some time for question and answer following the screening of the film and before the Frederick Film Festival Opening Night Afterparty  upstairs at Brewer’s Alley, 124 North Market Street.

HSF_Mic_LogoEveryone with an F3 pass should head upstairs at Brewer’s on Opening Night for an evening of good food and good drink and good live music from Frederick’s own Hard Swimmin’ Fish! Your pass gets you in and includes all of the food, drink, and as much sublime music as you can take. All provided by Brewer’s Alley and the F3. As any who have been to previous F3 Afterparties will tell you, these events are not to be missed as an opportunity to meet filmmakers, festival organizers, film fans, and supporters or great film, arts, and music in region.

Opening Night is one of the favorites of the Frederick Film Festival organizers as it gives us a chance to meet the people we had in mind as we were organizing the festival. You shouldn’t miss any night of the festival, but you particularly shouldn’t miss Opening Night.

Your weekend pass gets you in, but there is a separate Opening Night pass if that’s the only night you can make it! More info at our webpage: and at our Facebook page:

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