Since the beginning of the Frederick Film Festival, and even the organization before it, CinemArts, music has been an integral part of the film presentations we provide. Music is often such an inseparable part of film, it’s easy to forget it’s there…until it makes itself known…or it’s missing.

Sometimes it’s part of the story and it’s hard to forget it. Ray, The Commitments, Walk the Line, even This is Spinal Tap. Much of the story is about the music.

Sometimes it’s part of the movie but not part of the story…think Jaws or Psycho or Apocalypse Now or Star Wars. It’s difficult to think of those films and not think of a snippit of music. It may even be the FIRST thing you think of.

Cold Hard CashAnd then sometimes…arguably most times…it’s so woven into the movie it’s hard to even think of it or notice it…unless it wasn’t there. Scene transitions, character introductions, credits, montages, dramatic scenes, love scenes, MOST scenes have layers of music as part of their being. It’s a film convention (another thing that makes even the most realistic films a bit fantastical…I don’t know about you, but the everyday scenes of my life aren’t overlaid with a nice musical score) that is so prevalent, it’s hardly worth commenting on, or, rather, it’s hardly commented on anyone outside the team who made the movie.


Tara Lindhardt and Dead Men's HollowSo we at the F3 figured that something as big a part of film as music is should also be a big part of a film festival. Since our first year we’ve had numerous musical acts each festival, often in an effort to support or enhance a movie. From our first year, when we showed ”Johnny Cash: At Folsom Prison”  followed by the acclaimed regional band Cold Hard Cash, a Cash cover band; to just last year when we screened the acclaimed documentary “Mountain Music Project” featuring musician Tara Lindhardt who came to the festival and played with regional Americana band Dead Men’s Hollow.

Other acts have included such national luminaries as Robbie Fulks, Jenny Scheinman, Emily Wells, and the legendary Deanna Bogart.

Serious musicians who we were proud to have grace our schedule. Well-known local and regional bands have also been featured, over the years this includes folks like The Unfortunate Sons, the Skeptics, Hard Swimmin’ Fish, Bo Weevil and Rottin Cottin, Souler Power, The Galt Line, The Jug Band, and the McTell Brothers.

So what’s my point?

I would hope it’s obvious: MORE MUSIC THIS YEAR.

More importantly: GREAT music.


Emily Wells

We’re working on the details of course, as it’s still pretty early, but we’re planning on bringing even more great music to the festival this year. Sometimes we want the event to be about the music, but sometimes we just want it there…inextricably tied to the event, so that it would be less so without the music. A convention so prevalent, you’d certainly notice if it wasn’t there.

So keep an eye on the SOUNDTRACK tab on our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you get the announcements for our music events. It’ll be worth a listen, we promise you.

In fact, we’re going to be announcing our first bit of musical entertainment sometime during the week of March 18. It’s our Saturday night event and it’s going to be a movie/music combination. We’re very excited about it…



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